Recent Projects

Most of my featured projects are pinned in my github but not the ones below, so please take a look there!

Recent repositories I've built (pushed from GitHub).

Math word problem generation with HSMM neural templates, BERT, and GAN
Python 5 2
PKU 2019 Software Engineering Group 4
Self-Attention StarGAN with Spectral Normalization
Python 3 0
Real-Time Object Detection with Depth Estimation on Mobile Devices
Jupyter Notebook 2 0
A PyTorch implementation of a vanilla BERT classifier
Python 1 0
Siamese Manhattan Bi-GRU for semantic similarity between sentences
Python 1 0
Fake News Detection with Heterogeneous Graph Neural Networks
Python 1 0 - Automatic AI travel planner
JavaScript 0 0
Official code and data repository for our EMNLP 2020 long paper "Reformulating Unsupervised Style Transfer as Paraphrase Generation" (
QT Tetris with the AI functionality
Hybrid collaborative filtering for grade prediction, considering the semantic representation of the courses.
Python 0 0